A Comprehensive Guide To Double Glazed Window Repairs From Beginning To End

A Comprehensive Guide To Double Glazed Window Repairs From Beginning To End

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If your double-glazed windows mist up, it could indicate that the seals are not working properly. This could affect the thermal performance of your house and needs to be fixed as soon as you can.

If your double glazing locks-glazed window is difficult to open or is sagging, you can try lubricating the mechanisms, hinges and handles to see if this can help. However, it is recommended to consult an expert to make sure it is fixed properly.

Broken Panes

Be it a stray pebble from the lawnmowers or your favorite vase that has been tipped over by your curious cat cracks and chips on the window pane can be frustrating but they don’t have to be permanent. With a bit of patience and a few tools you likely already have at home, you can repair a broken window pane.

It may be better to leave the work up to a professional if your window has a large crack or is located in an old wood frame. If your window is double glazing locks-paned, it might be difficult to find a new one that is the exact size.

The first step in replacing the window pane is to remove the old one from the sash. Wear safety glasses and tape the sash in a cross-hatch pattern using duct tape. This will stop glass shards from falling out as you work. Tap the sash with a paint scraper that has a soft tip or hammer to loosen the glazing points. If your window has wooden mouldings to hold the pane in place, you can carefully pry these pieces off with a flat prybar if it is a wood-framed one.

When the old window is out, clean and prep the space for a new pane. Remove any remaining bits of sash or putty and use a wire brush to smooth the grooved channel into which the window will fit. Apply a small amount of heat using a heat gun to melt the old putty, making it easier to scrape and sash get rid of.

Subtract 1/16 inch each from the width and the length of the sash. This will ensure that the new pane is slightly smaller than the opening to allow it to expand and contract with changes in temperature. Roll a rope made of glazed putty around a new pane’s perimeter, then press it into the grooved channels of the frame. Put a glazier’s point into each corner of the new pane and at about 6 inches intervals across the frame.

If a double- or triple-paned windows is damaged it can let cold or hot air to escape your home, which could cause the HVAC system to be more efficient in maintaining an ideal indoor temperature. The gas filled windows also aid in improving energy efficiency, so if they’re compromised, your home won’t be as well insulate.


Double glazing is designed to be strong, secure and hard-wearing However, it can suffer from issues as a result of normal wear and tear. Draughts are a typical issue that can be both annoying and expensive. Draughts are caused by the gap between the window frame and the wall, or between the windowsash frame. This gap allows cold air to enter the home, while warm air to escape, which results in higher energy costs.

There are a number of different methods to repair windows that are leaking, such as mortite or caulking that is temporary. These products are available in tubes or in rolls and are applied to the gaps. They can then be painted to match the existing window, which makes them virtually undetectable. Another option is to buy a draught-proofing kit, which typically comes with a plastic sheeting that you affix to the window using tape, and then heat using a hairdryer, sealing the gaps to keep cold air out.

You can also eliminate draughts by changing the locks on your windows or enhancing the hinges of your uPVC windows. To check if your window hinges are damaged test sliding a small piece of card between the frame and sash. If you are able to move the card easily the hinges on your window may require replacement.

If you have a tilt-and turn or casement window, you can buy foam, metal or plastic draught proofing strips that can be fitted around the inside of the frame to close the gap. Some of these strips have a self adhesive backing however others must be secured by pins. Brush strips are available for sash windows, which fit into the gap and block out drafts. These brush strips are similar to those found on front doors.

You should have your Double Glazing Repairs Cardiff-glazed windows repaired as soon as possible if you notice any problems. If left untreated they can cause more damage and decrease the efficiency. You can find a local tradesman to perform repairs to double-glazed windows using the search function on this site. Our tradesmen have been thoroughly screened and verified so you can be sure that you will receive a high-quality service.


Installing double-glazed windows in your home or office will help keep the cold air out in winter and the hot air out in summer. They also provide a fantastic soundproofing barrier that can help block out noise from outside. But, like all other products, they may experience wear and tear over time and require some maintenance periodically. The good news is that a double glazing repair glasgow-glazed window is usually repaired instead of replacing it.

Repairing the sash cords which are the ones that hold the weights for opening and closing your double-glazed window is among the most frequent repairs. The cost to repair the damaged sash cable will vary based on the size of your window and complexity. You can expect to pay about $200 on this repair.

Moisture that is trapped between windows’ panes is a typical reason for fogginess. To resolve this issue technicians will usually require drilling a hole in the window, then apply a chemical to remove the moisture and then defog the window. The process is about $150 in the average, and could be more than doubled if the frame is beginning to rot.

Another way to fix a foggy double-glazed window is by defogging the glass from the inside out. This is a cheaper alternative to replacing IGUs however it won’t bring the R-value back to its original value.

Smudging is a tradition that has been used by many cultures to rid spaces of negative energy and promote positive energy. Smudging with sage and other herbs can help eliminate germs, mold spores and pollen, improving asthma symptoms and allergies. It can also be used to cleanse objects, like antique furniture or new pieces, of any lingering smells or energy that might have been introduced to the room by previous owners. You should smudge the home every four years and whenever negative energies seem to be lurking around.


Double-glazed windows, also known as sealed units, as they are sometimes referred to, can wear out over time. This is particularly relevant to the airtight seals that keep Argon gas inert inside and stops condensation. In this case it is possible to replace the unit. It’s not as difficult as it appears. A competent DIYer can install a high-quality unit in a very short time.

The first step is to take off any molding that is around the window frame, and then pry away any glazing points that are holding the unit in place by using a putty knife or utility knife. After all the glazing points have been removed the installer can then cut and slice the sealant that holds the unit within the frame, usually using an instrument that is bladed, like a knife or jigsaw. After the old IGU has been removed the new glass can be inserted and the gap closed with silicone sealant.

After the silicone has been applied to the gaps, a small amount of paint is used to cover any areas of silicone, leaving the new windows looking like new again. Any handles that were fitted are now reattached to the frame. A final inspection is conducted to make sure everything is as it should be before the FENSA registered installer leaves your property.

Our glaziers are also equipped to install replacement windows in order to upgrade your current property. These windows can be filled with argon gas and come with thermal spacer bars. These improvements can reduce your heating costs and ensure your home is at a perfect temperature throughout the year.

If your double glazed windows are showing signs of wear and tear, it is worth contacting us to arrange a repair or replacement as soon as is possible. This will not only improve the appearance of your home, but it can also help to increase the resale value if you come to sell your property.