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As young family man, stuck in the rat race, i was earning a decent salary but still found myself in debt. I decided to change things around. I dabbled in online blogging, multi-level marketing, online gambling and buying and selling cars. I did well but it was not something I enjoyed doing all of the time. My time was owned and I wanted to own my time. Planning for my future was so important to me.
I found trading at 24, when a friend introduced hyper scalping to me. We used indicators to trade the 1 minute timeframe and, on average, would catch 3- 10 pips at a time. The adrenaline rush was unexplainable. But,it eventually led to blown accounts due to greed.
I then moved onto trading binary options. And as always. I was doing very well on the demo account. The second I went live I became complement, my patience wore off and i was just chasing the dream of getting rich quick. I then decided to trade forex. I was excited by the opportunity it presented. Work from home or anywhere in the world. To be able to own my time, provide for my family, do the things I loved and plan my retirement. Why? The initial investment was small and the opportunity was limitless.
I had no plan or strategy to work with. But after 3 years of trying everything which included everything from not following a plan to being greedy and chasing money, I decided to take things seriously. It wasn't long before i had my penny droppin' moment and realised that trading is more than just chasing the dream, but rather a serious business for serious people, things started to get better for me. Within a few months of me applying myself, I decided to quit my job and become a fulltime trader.
In my first year I turned over 6 figures. And now history repeats itself. I am where I am today.
My goal is to now take the journey I have gone through and impart it onto others who have faced a similar situation as me and cut down your years of learning and making mistakes to a simple yet powerful approach so you can have an opportunity to live the life you have always wanted.
That is my life in short. My journey in full will be told one day. Only if you knew!

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