Can I succeed As A Forex trader?

Can I succeed As A Forex trader?

The Forex market is accessible and educational, this makes it quite exciting for anyone who starts in the business, in addition to the possibilities are endless for each trader.
However, many of the traders feel trapped at the beginning in this market without prior information, hoping to become experts overnight, which is a big mistake.
Although it is also true that much of the learning necessary to be successful in Forex is obtained through practice and erring several times.
But let’s take seriously the principal question, Can I succeed in Forex trading? And the answer is: Yes, you can.
Below we will lead you through some tiny tips that may help you to achieve this, this is not a complete guide but it is a start for you to taste the market as it is.

Use a money management strategy

This is one of the most important steps to be successful in the market, due to the fact that the main objective of working in the Forex market is to make money and you need to protect your capital to be able to make more money.
To do this you need to study the type of trader you are and the most important thing is to follow the next rule: never risk more money that what you are willing to lose.

Develop your trading plan or strategy

Many of the new trader’s dive into the waters of Forex marketing without having any strategy or plan to trade.
This is worrisome because despite the fact that the market is quite unpredictable and changing, the strategies follow an established pattern that will depend on the type of trader that executes it and its way of seeing itself.
To choose a strategy you should first be able to investigate each one and see if that type of traders has worked for you and in what way. Then, you will have to try the strategy on a demo account in that way you won´t lose money.

Keen going with your usual rate of risk

If you have already closed several operations in succession then you will start taking risks with a large amount per operation, but that is only because the operation has higher balances, and it is understandable, because success gives a lot of confidence, but you must Keep in mind that you as a trader should stay out of these situations.

Set a side your emotions, take a time to understand trading psychology

Maybe you think this is easy to do, because the emotions of a trader are usually somewhat lighter and more bearable, at least in the mind of the trader.
That is why it is extremely important that you take some time to read some trading psychology and its characteristics, in this way you could also identify your emotions and learn how to handle them.
Of the emotions that most affect a trader’s operations is extreme confidence, which makes you believe that any type of operation you perform will be successful and even after losing in one of these operations, the trader will continue to do so because he will continue to look for that moment of glory he once had.
To know more about this, check out our article on this topic, it is very interesting!

Hold your positions

Maintaining your position for a prolonged amount of time is essential in the market.
As long as the prices are maintained and do not move in an exaggerated way towards an address then you can keep your poster, otherwise you can use Trailing Stop.


There is no magic formula or an exact way of doing things, but the experience speaks for itself, because of that, you should at least stay in the lane and follow certain steps or rules that many people have worked for.