Man RETCHES in £85,000 rubbish-filled flat before huge transformation

Man RETCHES in £85,000 rubbish-filled flat before huge transformation

A property investor who took a ‘gamble’ on a ‘blind’ flat purchase was left retching as he was forced to wade through mountains of urine-soaked trash – before transforming it into a stunning luxury home.

Taylor Kay, 29, admitted he took a chance by forking out £85,000 in cash for the one-bedroom maisonette in Luton, Bedfordshire, when a fellow investor offered him the property.

The risk was that no-one was able to gain access to the property and so he was forced to make the purchase blind – with no idea of the condition of the flat until he got the keys and battled his way in.

The 29-year-old recorded his first entry into the maisonette, documenting the mounds of urine-soaked Rubbish Clearance while he can be heard vomiting at the ‘disgusting’ smell.

 Mr Kay said: ‘I got a phone call from being known for owning properties and being an estate agent in Luton and was offered this property.

‘I had no information on the property itself.

We knew it was a maisonette but we didn’t know what it was like inside – how many bedrooms it had or how bad it was.

‘It was a bit of a gamble but the price was attractive enough to be able to take that gamble.

Taylor Kay took a ‘gamble’ on a ‘blind’ flat purchase in Luton, but was left with a mountain of a job when he had to strip the whole property and start from scratch 

‘£85,000 for any property in Luton is very low.

These kinds of apartments are worth anything from £160,000 to £180,000, so it was a bit of a no-brainer.’

When Mr Kay tried to take a sneak-peek at the property he couldn’t see through the windows as they were covered up, so he went around the back to see the overgrown garden with falling down fences – it was at this point he knew ‘it wasn’t going to be in great condition.’

Mr Kay was in for the shock of his life after buying this property

On the day he picked up the keys, he could not get through the front door because of the amount of Rubbish Removal in the entryway. 

After getting in through the back he found himself in complete shock.

Speaking of his first impressions, he said: ‘It was the worst smell I have ever smelled. All of the Rubbish Clearance I was walking on was held together with urine so that smell was lingering.

Taken aback by the humongous task ahead of him, Mr Kay said: ‘I thought “I’ve made a massive mistake”.’

‘It was absolutely disgusting so as I was recording I was being sick, you can hear me gagging.

I could only get to a certain point and then you physically couldn’t go any further.

‘Instantly I thought “I’ve made a massive mistake”.’

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A change like no other: Mr Kay completely stripped the kitchen and installed a brand Rubbish Clearance new set-up with a white tiled backsplash and wooden counter tops