RockzFX Academy Mentors

Please Choose our Membership first to Avail a mentor to help you refine and take your trading to the next level whatever it may be, they can help.

RockzFX Academy Mentors

Choose a mentor to help you refine and take your trading to the next level whatever it may be, they can help.

£99 GBP - 1 and a half hours session


My strengths are identifying the market's behaviour, market structure and momentum. I am very systematic in my approach and managing risk. Patience and discipline have been the reason for my success. I respect the markets and learns and perfects my craft daily.


My valuable skills are trading psychology and discipline. I pride myself in trade management and risk management. Intraday trader, but I have in-depth knowledge in swing trading, holding trades for long periods of time to maximise profits.


My strengths in the markets are reading candles behaviours and market structure to identify tradeable momentum. I strongly focus on trading psychology and self-discipline. I have built my sustainability as a trader by fully trusting the process and strict risk management.


My strength is trading psychology. My focus is on finding the missing piece of the puzzle, building confidence in your trading abilities and setting up a risk management plan that works for you. Able to adapt in all market conditions and execute with confidence.


My valuable skillset in understanding the ebb and flow of market structure across multiple time frames. This ability, with strict discipline and patience, is a fundamental asset in executing trades with a systematic approach and achieving great success. Every trader is different, lets fine tune your ability to success.


My strength is analysing and trading the 1 minute timeframe. I can help you identify the behaviour of the market, find the best patterns for you to trade, looking for high probability setups and being consistent in your approach. Trading psychology is a big part of trading, get over the fear of missing out and learn to be patient.


My strong understanding of multiple timeframe analysis allows me to easily flow and adapt with the market’s behaviour. I follow an organised set of rules in accordance with my trading plan and incorporate excellent risk management for any executed setup. I believe every trader has the ability to succeed with these key principles. Let me help get you there!

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