The Path to Self-Mastery

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The Path to Self-Mastery

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The Path to Self-Mastery

Read Time - 1 min

In this edition, I want to show you how I used self-mastery to become the trader and, more importantly, the person that I am today. And how I took a group of traders on their very own path towards self-mastery.

My ultimate goal is not just to get traders to execute trades in line with a strategy, but to build traders who approach the markets with confidence, by showing them the path to emotional mastery.

The end goal is not just to get you funded, but to empower you to become a confident person who can weather the inevitable storms you will face in trading and in life. I want you to be able to navigate the highs and the lows with resilience. Because that was the key to my own success. I learnt so many valuable lessons through my personal experiences of being homeless and forced to sleep in a car in my mid-twenties, to battling my demons with gambling, to losing my mother. I used these lessons to drive me to creating a new version of myself that helped me get to where I am today.

In a recent workshop of the “10-Week Self Mastery Challenge”, I worked with a group of traders from all walks of life. Including budding entrepreneurs in USA, taxi drivers in London, to a 20- something year old in India looking to make a better life for his family.

Throughout the 10 weeks I showed these traders how to create a new version of themselves. One that is able to redirect their negative emotions to positive ones and to use that energy towards making the most of every situation. Inside the 10-week Challenge group, we embedded tools and techniques that I learnt along my journey, to maintain an engagement loop with their emotions and their journey to self mastery. Our resources on mindset, live sessions and an interactive community, provided opportunities for these traders to engage, learn, and adapt themselves, and to keep their emotional resilience growing.

I can comfortably say that these group of traders are completely different people to the ones that I first met just a few short months ago. Are they better traders? Absolutely! I have no doubt of that and they would say the same. But that wasn’t my only goal. Like I said earlier, I wanted these group of traders to become better versions of themselves in all facets of life. And I can honestly attest that they truly are. But don’t just take my word for it, here is a private message I received from one of them recently…..INSERT A PRIVATE MESSAGE HERE

So as I wrap up this newsletter, I’m filled with gratitude for the incredible journey of self-mastery and the power it has to yield true and lasting results. The stories of the members from the 10-Week Self-Mastery Challenge are a testament to the life-changing power within each of us.

Remember, your goal goes beyond mastering the charts and trading. It’s about mastering yourself. The lessons, the challenges and the small wins along the way are all key elements of your journey towards becoming the best version of yourself. As traders we often spend too many years navigating the markets and technical analysis, but the real growth comes when we start to navigate our emotions and personal growth. So I encourage you to embrace every high and low, every twist and turn, and I encourage you to create a new version of yourself.

Until next time, continue to TRUST THE PROCESS!

Here’s 3 actionable steps you can start taking today to bring about positive change in your own journey:

1.Reflect on Personal Experiences:

Take time out of your day to reflect on your own life and trading experiences, the challenges, the difficult moments, and also the small and big wins you’ve had along the way. Once you’ve made a comprehensive list of those moments, go through each one and identify the key lessons you learnt from each of those experiences. This is exactly what I did from my experiences of homelessness, my struggles with gambling, losing custody of my daughter after a bitter divorce and so much more. I have no doubt in my mind that these experiences provided the powerful catalyst that I needed for my personal growth. And that’s exactly what you need to do; learn from those lessons and use them as energy to propel you and drive you towards positive change in your mindset and your approach to life and trading.

2.Engage in Personal Development Challenges:

If I told you that I did it all on my own, I would be lying. To date I’ve spent over £100,000 on my personal development. Now I’m not saying that you need to spend that much but you have to invest in yourself. So consider joining a self-mastery or personal development challenge, similar to the 10-Week Self-Mastery Challenge. Seek out resources, workshops and programs that focus on redirecting negative emotions to positive ones and building emotional resilience. Engage actively in the process, leverage the tools and techniques that are provided to you, and participate in the communities to continue growing. The structured approaches of these challenges and the accountability they provide, can be the guidance that you need to become a better a version of yourself.

3.Build a Supportive Community:

As a trader, you know exactly how lonely it can be at times, especially if none of your family and friends understand trading. That’s why you need to recognise the importance of a supportive community in your journey. Start attending live sessions, become an active participant, and get involved in interactive tasks that focus on trading, mindset, and personal development. Surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals who share similar goals often provides valuable insights, encouragement during the lonely times, and accountability. So get involved, share your experiences, learn from others, and utilise the tools and techniques that contribute to your emotional resilience and growth.

Until next time, continue to TRUST THE PROCESS!

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