The RockzFX Pro Pack is a detailed, self paced trading package. Whether you are learning the basics or a seasoned pro, looking to develop and enhance your trading skill, this Academy is for you. You will not find this much detail in any other trading course. The Pro Pack breaks down a simple yet effective and powerful trading strategy, you can use on any three timeframes of your choice. If that is not enough, you will also learn how to enter the markets like a true professional using a powerful scaling down method that allows you to enter the markets with precision. After completing the course, you will get access to a Real-Time Trading Simulator, you get to keep even if you don’t stay with us, and start applying what you have learnt right away.


Live Trading Sessions

You will not be alone on your journey. Join Rockz on the live trading floor where you can watch him trade LIVE, and see first hand how he approaches the markets using the same techniques you will learn in the Pro Trading Course. Accelerate your learning and ability to apply what you learn by watching Rockz himself trade in live market conditions, hear his thought process, understand his executions, and witness the patience and discipline you require to become a consistent and profitable trader. The live trading sessions are exciting, exhilarating and interactive, so if you have questions, or trades you are planning to take, give Rockz a shout and he will give you his thoughts there and then LIVE.

Real Time Trading Floor

Joining the RockzFX Academy is not just about purchasing a course and being left alone to learn. As a RockzFX Academy member you will get access to a real time trading floor that brings 1000s of fellow traders together. This means you will be able to discuss market conditions, trade ideas, ask your questions and share your trades and ideas in real time. This will greatly accelerate your learning but at the same time it also creates accountability to stick to your goals and strategy.

Trading Resources

The RockzFX Pro Pack will provide you with all the necessary tools and resources that you will need in order to trade like a professional trader in the live markets. You will be provided with a fully comprehensive and advanced trading journal to track your progress and manage your performance. You will also be provided with the RockzFX Trading Panel, with an impressive trade management tool that automates actions like opening trades, closing partial trades, moving stop loss to break even trades and much more. A professional tool to manage your trades successfully and execute with precision. You will also be provided with a real time trading simulator so you can put what you learn to practice instantly.


Mentor Sessions Access

As traders we are continually learning, developing and adapting inline with the ever changing market conditions. You will not only get access to the course material but you will be able to join Rockz and his mentors live continued educations sessions 20-30 times a month. These live sessions offer a small group setting where you and RockzFX Academy members can come forward and discuss both technical and psychological intricacies of profitable trading. All great traders who are consistent and profitable learn to master not only the technical aspect but the psychological and emotional aspect. Join these exciting interactive live sessions, harness your knowledge, expand in your abilities, ask questions and continue to hone your skills with the support from professional traders.

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