What is your WHY: Find the necessary motivation and start in Forex

What is your WHY: Find the necessary motivation and start in Forex

Throughout your life you will wonder why certain things and in the Forex market this question arises more than we believe. Staying focused and realizing that you are not in a place by luck if not by your own decision is part of seeing things in an objective and positive way.
To know the “why” of certain things in your life you must first discover how?
Without it you won’t get anywhere, the motivation takes you directly to where you want to go to the way you want to carry out your decisions and execute them.

Motivation in Forex

The first step in finding your motivation in the market is to know the reason why you are doing it. Is it because you want a lot of money? Or because your current job doesn’t satisfy you? Is it that someone else is doing it and recommended it to you?
The truth is that you should not start in Forex if you do not have a specific reason identified, this will prevent you from defining objectives and getting the motivation you need.
Being well focused and clear about what you do and why you do it is probably the most important thing.

Steps to find your “WHY”

  • Follow the steps of a successful trader.
    When we refer to this we do not mean that you should do exactly everything that the trader does, this is more inclined to find a person that motivates you and that you admire what he does and his achievements.
    Nor should you set goals that are not realistic since this prevents trader from being aware of what he is doing and how the market works.
    Normally this type of trader gives different advice, you can definitely follow them.
  • Set realistic goals
    This is something you will hear and read in every corner that talks about this topic in Forex. Your goals should be clear and precise; they should not get away from reality or focus only on making mountains of money. Defining realistic and modest goals for you will allow you to stay focused and hoping to expand these goals, otherwise by not being able to achieve these monstrous goals, you will be demotivated and unwilling to work.
  • Learn from your losses
    Losses are an important part in regards to the Forex market, because it is something natural and transcendental.
    Each loss you have should not be a reason for demotivation, on the contrary, it should be an objective to reduce these losses.
    The best knowledge you can get comes from the losses you suffer, through the losses you learn what to do or how to do it, you also focus on what you should not do and rely on the feeling of wisdom you have just acquired.
  • Distract yourself and reward yourself
    Even if it seems silly, getting distracted and going for a walk will always help you relax and kill you motivated. When you move away a little to think about what you do, you can find answers to many unknowns and you can also get back on track.
    You can also find reasons to continue (or to start) in the awards you can make yourself with the money you get, from buying something or investing in something you like, all those things will serve.


Keeping you motivated day by day will increase the passion and effort you work with, therefore the profits you will get will be greater.
Finding the reason for what you do and why you do it becomes a daily practice, every morning you get up and start working. Never work without motivation, without goals.